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Yummies Cookies Points - How to get the most out of it

We have finally launched our very own Yummies Cookies Points. It's a really simple rewards program for us to give back to you. And we are going to share how easy it is to earn these points!

  1. Sign up! This would already earn you 100 points, equivalent to $2 coupon.

  2. Complete these simple tasks that will earn you another 180 points
    - Share your birthday with us so we can send you a gift 🎁
    - Follow us on social media to be updated on what's baking. (Tip: you will still get points even if you are already our follower. Just click on the button to get your points)
    - Share our page on Facebook 

  3. Buy buy buy to earn 1 point for every dollar spent.

  4. Writing us a review will earn you another 100 points and we will so greatly appreciate that! 🥰


The Works 

Mummy M

PS. Point system may change along the way

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